NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR OUR August 5, 2024 – October 25, 20243 BASIC TRAINING COURSE 2024-B-77!!!

The North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center is currently accepting applications for our next BLEOST Full Time Training Course, which is scheduled to begin on August 5, 2024. Entrance PT tests are scheduled for  July 2 and 16 at 9:00 a.m. at NMLETC. 

For full time applicants, a mandatory physical fitness entry examination will be conducted at our facility on July 2 and 16 at 9:00 a.m.  All applications must be completed (including physical exam, NCIC printout, copy of high school diploma, GED, or college transcripts) and accepted by the academy before the applicant is eligible to participate in the entrance P.T. test.   Also First Aid/CPR is required by the Board of Officers’ Standards and Training before Cadets start the Academy Class and a copy of Certification is to be submitted with their application.   Cadets must have state issued ID, such as drivers license, available.  The PT test consist of push-ups, 1.5 mile run, and an agility run (wear appropriate clothing for physical test).   Cadets who successfully complete the entrance PT test will be advised a time in which to return for training on August 5, 2024.  Below is a list of items needed during training.  Any questions concerning uniform requirements should be directed to the academy prior to arrival on August 5, 2024


The cost for Full Time Law Certification is $4,000.00.

Self-Sponsored cadets must pay at least half of the tuition ($2,000.00) on or before classes begin on August 5, 2024 (does not apply to those using VA-GI Bill), and the balance must be paid in full before the end of the course.  Agencies sending cadets will be billed after completion of the course.


The following items will be required for the training program:

NOTE:  The below clothing is recommended not to have any large logos anywhere on it.  Small logos are acceptable (only if you can cover the logo with your thumb).  Additional quantities of the items listed below may be brought, but the minimum number of each item is listed.  It is recommended that you only bring what is list, due to limited space.

Daily Uniform

3-5 navy short sleeve cotton t-shirts with last name printed on back with white 2” letters (3 minimum, recommend 5)

5 navy cotton sweatshirts with last name printed on back with white 2″ letters (depending on weather)

3-5 pair tactical pants (truspec, 5.11, propper) must be light khaki

1 belt

10 pair  socks.

1 pair black leather boots, capable of a highly polished shine.

1 Class A uniform, including tie and uniform brass, for special occasions such as pictures, etc. (The Class A uniform will not be worn daily.  It will only be worn for class photos, week 10, and for graduation)

Daily head gear will be provided by NMLETC

Self Sponsored Cadets should bring a black or navy suit with white button up shirt along with a black or navy tie and black dress style shoes.

In the event of cooler weather, the daily uniform shirt will be a navy sweatshirt.

P.T. Uniform

3-5 pair navy blue cotton shorts-must come above knee.

2-5 pair navy blue cotton sweatpants

10 pair white socks (foot socks or calf length are authorized, but must be white)

1 pair of high quality running shoes (Hiking or cross-training shoes are not recommended)

1 navy/ black watch cap (Toboggan) – winter class only

1 pair of black gloves – winter class only

Shower gear

1 pair shower shoes (or flip-flops)

1 shaving bag to include: Personal grooming equipment such as soap, shaving equipment, etc. (Towels and washcloths are provided by the Training Center)

Duty Gear

Body Armor (If Department provided) Self Sponsored cadets will be provided with a vest for training only

Duty Gear such as belt, holster, handcuff pouch, magazine pouch, etc.

Duty handgun with three magazines

Gun cleaning kit

Cadets should not bring O.C., Batons, Tasers or any other weapons.

 Patrol Vehicle

Cadet will be required to bring a patrol vehicle for use during the week of driving instruction. Vehicle must be suitable for all police emergency driving instruction.

A patrol vehicle will be provided for Self Sponsored cadets.

Other equipment

2 taser cartridges (any color door)

plastic clothes hangers 

Rain gear

Thermal underwear (optional)

laundry detergent

Footwear maintenance kit (shoe polish, brush, cloth…etc.)

16GB Flash Drive (optional – for pictures taken throughout training)


Should you have any questions, please contact NMLETC at 662-841-6400 or by email at